Business in Malta

Malta, a well connected investment location right in the heart of the Mediterranean.

An island which boasts an advanced communications setup and a business environment which gives every incentive for companies to invest, grow, innovate and compete in a global marketplace. Malta offers a solid business and industrial background going back 50 years. In fact, today it is home to hundreds of foreign companies all operating within a well-developed economic and industrial structure.

Boasting a highly productive English speaking workforce, a European time zone, a Mediterranean lifestyle, competitive incentives package, as well as frequent air and sea connections, all make Malta a sure choice for foreign direct investment and international trade. So come explore the multitude of business opportunities that one can find in Malta.

We look forward to welcoming you to Malta – your EU destination for business success.

Improve AS has been doing business in Malta since 2007, and we have a well developed network locally. We work as business development consultants for Malta Enterprise (ME) in Norway. Malta Enterprise has the same role in Malta as the combined Innovation Norway and Norwegian Research Council has in Norway:

If you are interested in starting a business; thru Maltese partners we can offer all legal, auditing and accounting services, and set up holding companies, also without local employees.

The tax benefits for foreign owned companies are significant. Malta is a full EU member, using the Euro, and is easy accessible.

Yacht- and ship-owners will benefit even more if they register their vessel(s) in Malta.

Establishing a business in Malta might also be eligible for support and/or funding, either locally thru ME, or thru different EU schemes, also available thru ME. In addition there are a number of other possibilities, like the EFTA/EEA program. Improve AS is happy to support in the search for funding, and assist in writing applications.





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