Sales Development


An often forgotten or under-estimated profession, especially in the Nordic countries – and we are maybe among the least preofessional in Norway..

But this profession might be the "make it or break it" factor for the company! A good salesperson might singlehandedly close enough orders for a large corporation!

Never underestimate the power of sales, but never lower the demand for quality in sales either. A good salesperson will not only push the company to new heights and challenges, but also bring repeat orders from happy customers.

It’s all about a good and effective teamwork in the whole company, all have an important role..

Developing improved sales performance

Out of our 25+ years of experience with sales, sales management and sales consulting, we have developed proven methods for sales development. Over the years we have finished more than 15 large improvement projects with happy and repeat customers !

Our strength is within technical sales, i.e. sales of technical services or products. Sales might be direct to end customers/users, or  indirect sales thru partners.

We have a methodical approach, and our goal is to optimize people and team, and also the whole organization, product mix, packaging, contracts, tools etc.

Let us do an initial assessment and discuss from there, we will not charge if we do not continue.

Our view:
The more complex the better!





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Sales Development