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In the technical marketplace it is a major advantage to get advice from a seasoned marketer.

Technically oriented companies are often ”over engineered”, and need a customer/market view of the business, combined with practical and effective tools.

We have worked with:
HP, Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Dell, Trend Micro, Canon , Arrow, Serit, Subsea Valley and others...

The new approach is to outsource the entire marketing department.

What we do is to work on behalf of our client. We act as advisors and agree on strategy and plans with our client. Execution is done by us, we have a large and tested network of different professionals and buy the different services at a good price.

What happens is that our clients in average:

· Spends less time handling marketing activities

· Get a professional Total Marketing Solution

· Cost effective price

· Much higher quality on all elements

How to get the best marketing solution for the least of money and time spent?

Marketing is an area with a multitude of fields. Nobody masters all, and if one wants to employ several people it will get expensive.

In the case of one employee, then some areas will be covered internally, and the rest bought from external service providers, often with variable result at a high price.


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